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Eliminating Styrofoam

Learn why we should stop using Styrofoam (polystyrene) and what we can use instead.

Tips on eliminating health and planet-damaging plastic in our households.

Green Laundry and Artificial Fragrances

Learn why we should get rid of synthetic chemicals in our homes: detergents, household products, and perfumes.

Useful tips on DIY: dryer sheets, natural "bleach," and detergents. 

Reducing the Use of AC

Learn why we need to minimize our dependence on air conditioning and what we can use instead.

About Mindful Buyers Network

Mindful Buyers Network is a 100% volunteer run organization comprised of people like you, who care about their imprint on the environment and their own quality of lives. 

Our Mission is to reduce or eliminate consumer waste, such as plastic, styrofoam, and other by-products. We do this by organizing communities in banning styrofoam and other plastic by-product, conducting campaigns promoting green laundry and eliminating synthetic fragrances from our lives, working with business establishments reducing AC usage, and organizing beach-clean-ups.

Join us by subscribing to our blog and following our Facebook page where we announce our events, give practical tips on healthy living, and just staying in touch with each other.  

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